2018 Tournament

Tournament Dates: June 30 - July 1, 2018

Location: 5700 S Archer Rd, Summit, IL 60501

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The Tournament Headquarters will be on site located in the main tent near the Parking Lot. 

Summit Park District
5700 S. Archer Rd, Summit, IL 60501
All teams and players must be registered and in good standing with their local USYSA/USSF/FIFA organizations. All teams registered and in good standing with their National Organizations, including USYS State Associations and US Club Soccer are eligible to play. 

All teams need to register 1 month before your first scheduled game.  All teams need to register players on Friday night at the following location:  Croatian American Radio Club 7036 W. Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638:  773-229-1555
US Teams
• All teams are required to have approved current IYSA/USYSA player passes at the registration area prior to the tournament. Passes will be checked and returned immediately. 
• You are required to have an IYSA Emergency Medical Release and Liability Waiver form filled out for every player on your roster. Copies will not be returned. 
• All out of state teams must have a “travel permit”. The original will not be returned. 
• All teams with guest players must have a USYSA tournament guest player roster form. 
• At the time of registration, you must submit your final tournament roster, which cannot be changed during the course of the tournament. The original will not be returned. 
• All roster players must check in with the Field Marshals thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled game times. 
• All players must have Player Picture Identification Cards present and available at all matches. 

US Club Soccer
• US Club Roster
• US Club Player Passes
• Proof of Good Standings and Insurance with US Club
• US Club Medical Releases
• Three Copies of the IYSA Tournament Roster
• IYSA Medical Release
• IYSA Form NT 

Foreign Teams
• Must have and present player picture identification cards. 
• Teams must have a completed form from Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation. 

Any Team from out of state must have a copy of their Travel Application prior to the tournament. 
Head coaches must present current IYSA/USYSA or US Club player passes to the Field Marshall prior to each match 

All players are born in the year of their age group classification or in a later group. Each player must possess a valid USYSA player pass and a current medical release form. Each team is allowed to have a maximum of three guest players. 

There will be a Pugg 5 v 5 division for the U8 age group. 

No player shall be allowed to register or play with more than one team or switch to another team during the tournament. 

Each player must be registered with the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) USYSA or US Club. Players not registered with the IYSA or USYSA must obtain Tournament Player Pass from the IYSA. 
No guest players will be permitted without a completed IYSA Guest Player form. The guest player’s coach must sign the Guest Players form. Additionally, IYSA approval is required for the guest players from out- of-state not currently registered with the IYSA. Each Team will be allowed 3 guest players

• No Maximum. 
• 5v5 

• No Maximum
• 7v7  

• No Maximum
• 9v9 

• Maximum roster size of 22
• 11v11  

• Maximum roster size of 22
• 11v11  

Boys and Girls U8-U12 (9v9) divisions shall use a #4 ball. U-13 and higher shall use a #5 ball.  Home team shall furnish the game ball, if none are available than the visiting team furnishes a game ball. The Game Referee will make the final ball selection approval
All games will be played on Saturday and Sunday
All teams will play a minimum of 3 to 4 games with either a semi-final/final or final only 

Please click for full schedule:
• All “Preliminary Games” for ages: U7-U10 will play 2 x 20 minute halves. 
• U11-U18 will play 2 x 25 minute halves. 
• All “Semifinal and Final” matches for ages will play 25 minute halves except U8-U10 will pay 2 x 20 minute halves 

** time subject to change depending on number of teams in each group and field availability

• There will be a five minute halftime. 
• Games will be played to completion. 
• The tournament does not require the referee to add time for substitutions. The game clock will not stop for any reason, unless in the judgment of the referee there is time wasting or an injury. 

The tournament committee reserves the right to: 

1. Reschedule or relocate games due to weather conditions. If ½ a game has been played before the weather condition forced a suspension in play, the game may stand as is and will be scored accordingly. 
2. The Referee or the Tournament Director may suspend a game without necessarily being terminated. 
3. Reduce by up to half, the duration of the game. 
4. Decide the final tournament standings, trophy winner. 
5. Move penalty kicks to another field or area in order not to hold up other games. 
6. The tournament director has the right to change any of these rules or make any decision that would be in the best interest of the participants.

All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game issued by FIFA/USYSA and Illinois Youth Soccer Association. The following rules supplement the Laws of the Game. 

All players U-11 and younger cannot head the ball directly from the air.  In accordance with US Soccer Federation, when a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick (IFK) will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.
BUILD OUT LINE (U10 AND UNDER) The Build Out Line is used to promote playing the ball out of the back. When the GK has the ball, either during the play or from a goal kick, the opposing team should move behind the build out line. GK can play to ball right way or once the opposing team is behind the build outline. 

NO PUNTING (U10 AND UNDER) GK can pass or throw/roll the ball to a teammate. After the ball is put into play by the GK the opposing team can cross the Build Out Line and play resumes as normal. A restart from the GK’s hands or goal kick will take place if the opposition infringes inside the build out.

On the fly, however players must exit and enter at the midfield line
Substitutions shall be unlimited on any dead ball, however only with the permission of the referee. 

• All Ages except U8 as per Law 11 – Offside 

• All parents and spectators are required to sit on one side of the field opposite the players. No spectators may sit with the players with the exception of up to three passed coaches. 


• Player picture identification cards are to be present and available at all games. 
• Teams must be present 15 minutes prior to the start of the game for check-in and a Field Marshal will check the player identification cards and equipment of every player and the coaches. 
• Following game check-in, the player identification cards and the passes of each coach will be held by the Field Marshal assigned to the field until the end of the game. 
• At the conclusion of each game, the referee shall complete a score card, including the match results, cautions, and ejections. The Field Marshall will turn in the signed game card to the scoring tent. 
• Teams are allowed up to 3 coaches on the sidelines with their team. Coaches are not allowed to coach from the spectator’s side of the field. 
• The first team listed in the schedule is the home team and must change in the event of a uniform color conflict. 
• No coin toss – Home team defends north/west goal and has kick off in the first half, teams switch at half-time. 
• Teams must have an alternate set of jerseys. 
• Teams should be prepared to provide a “club linesmen” if necessary. 
• U8-U9-U12 divisions shall use a size #4 ball. U13-U19 shall use a size #5 ball. 
• U8 will play 5v5 on small size fields, U9/U10 will play 7v7 on small size fields, U11/U12 will play 9v9 on intermediate size fields, and U13-U19 will play 11v11 on full size fields. 
• All Referees and Assistant Referees shall be USSF certified. 
• The tournament will supply game balls that meet the “FIFA Approved” or “FIFA Inspected” requirement. 

• Game Reporting: 
1. Referee will provide match reports directly to the tournament director. 
2. Referee will provide match scores directly to the tournament director. 
3. Referee will provide discipline reports immediately at the conclusion of his/her match to the tournament director. 

• Disciplinary Action: 
1. For US Teams – The tournament committee will notify the IYSA/USYSA of any disciplinary action. 
2. For Foreign Team – The tournament committee will notify the USSF of any disciplinary action taken or required to team’s provincial or national association.


Games in the preliminary rounds will be scored as follows: 
Win …………… 3 points Tie ……………. 1 points Loss ………….. 0 points 


In the event of a tie in deciding semi-final positions in 8 team brackets, final positions in 6 or 4 team brackets or five team round robin brackets, the following criteria will be used to break the tie: 
1. Head to Head competition, if applicable. 
2. Goal differential +/-, up to 4 per game. 
3. Fewest goals allowed. 
4. Most goals scored, up to 4 per game. 
5. Kicks from the Penalty Mark – In accordance with the Laws of the Game “Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match” 

In the event 3 teams are tied, the tie-breakers will be applied until one team is eliminated. We will then go back to the first tie-breaker and apply the rules again with the two remaining teams in sequence until a winner can be determined. 
A team that forfeits a game will not be allowed to participate in any championship match. 

During group competition, no overtime will be played. In the event of a tie in semi-final or final, the following will occur: 
• 2 x 5 minute overtime halves played until completion
• Penalty Kicks will be taken, to determine a winner. 
• Penalty Kicks will follow the “Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match” from the “Laws of the Game”. 

1st and 2nd place teams will be presented with team trophies along with individual medals in championship games.   Participation medals will be given to all other players
• In accordance with IYSA, Rule 007, which endorses FIFA Law 4, “A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player.” 
• “Soft Casts” may be permitted with the approval of the Referee Assigner prior to the start of the tournament. 
• “Hard Casts” will not be permitted. 
• No metal cleats
• No jewelry may be worn by any player (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.) 
• Shin Guards must be worn by all players at all times during the match. 
• All players must have individual numbers on their jersey, no duplicate numbers. 
• In case of a jersey color conflict, the designated home team must change. 
• All players’ equipment is subject to referee approval. 
• Caps for goalkeepers with hard bills are not permitted. 
• Taping of pierced earrings or “studs” is not permitted. 
• Only safety sport type glasses or goggles are allowed.

  Away teams must switch uniform according to HNNS Savez rules

• Four (4) players constitute a team for U8 playing 5v5. Five (5) players constitute a team for U9/U10 playing 7v7, seven (7) players for U11/U12 playing 9v9, nine (9) players for U13-U19 playing 11v11. Games will commence on time if the minimum number of players are present. A forfeit shall be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play with five (5) minutes after the scheduled game time. 
• In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded the maximum of 3 points and 1 goal. 
• Any team that forfeits a game may not advance to the semi-final or final round. 

• All referee decisions are final. No protest will be honored on the judgment calls by the referee. 

• A player, who receives a red card, will receive a minimum one game suspension. The tournament committee can increase that suspension if it is warranted. 
• The throwing of a punch is an automatic removal from the tournament. 
• A coach who receives a red card will receive a minimum of a one game suspension plus possible intervention by the tournament committee and their state association. 
• Violence, severe unsporting behavior and flagrant fouls may result in further action by the tournament committee as well as be reported to your state association. 
• All participants are asked to emphasis good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Inappropriate spectator behavior may result in disciplinary action towards the club, coaches and or players. 

• Smoking is not permitted near any of the soccer fields. 
• Outside Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on any Summit Park District property.
• Noise makers are permissible if in good taste and are not offensive to the general public or individual ethnic group. 
• Summit Park is pet friendly.   A dog park is available in Summit Park. 
• Banners, team signs and other team support equipment are permitted as long as the wording is in good taste and not offensive to anyone. They may not be placed in an area that may obstruct the view, or access to the games by the players and spectators. 

• This includes delays for lightning, heavy rains or conditions that make the fields unplayable. 
• In the event of delays, this tournament will implement the shortening of games by 5-15 minutes depending on the age group until the tournament is back on its original schedule. 
• In the event of extremely hot and/or humid conditions water breaks will be implemented. 

Guidelines that will be used: 
• If in the 1st half upon return a 15-20 minute second half will be played. The referee is to enter the score and indicate what time in the half it was when the game was stopped (ex: 10min. in) and give the game card packet to the field marshal.  If game cannot be completed, score will be entered as a 0-0 tie.

• If in the 2nd half the game is complete, half time is considered the second half. Referees are to enter the score and give the game card to the field marshal. 
• If in the event of a substantial weather related event the tournament committee reserves the right to make the decisions that are in the best interest of the tournament and all its participants.
For example: cancelling preliminary games that have no bearing in deciding the group winner.


Neither the Tournament Committee nor Summit Park District are responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE IF THE TOURNAMENT IS CANCELED IN WHOLE OR PART;   Summit Park District reserves the right to cancel playing on their fields due to excessive rain or flooding.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament. The judgment of the Tournament Committee is final. 

Please remember that the host, Hrvat Chicago is dedicated to the development of all the young men and women participating in the tournament, good sportsmanship and for the “good of soccer”. The tournament director may suspend, without recourse or appeal, any player, coach or spectator who demonstrates anything less.